20-21 English Activities / Programmes
 Activities / Programmes  Target Group Time 
 School-based Phonics Programme  P.1-3  Whole Year
 Online Reading Programme  P.1-6  Whole Year
 Author Study Unit  P.1-3  Second Term
 English Newsletter  P.1-6  One issue/term
 Grammar Modules  P.3-6  Whole Year
 NET Teacher Programmes  P.1-2  Whole Year
 Writing Competition  P.1-6  Whole Year
 Excursion to Pizza Hut  P.1  June 2021
 Excursion to Solar Tower  P.2  Feb 2021
 Excursion to Ocean Park  P.3  April 2021
 Excursion to SPCA  P.4  November 2020
 Excursion to Airport  P.5  April 2021
 Excursion to Landfill  P.6  Jan 2021
 I'm Creative (ECA)  P.4 ( 10 students )  Whole Year
 English Ambassadors (ECA)  P.5-6 ( 10 students )  Whole Year
 English Drama Club (ECA)  P.3-6  Whole Year
 English DIY (ECA)  P.1-2  Whole Year
 English Day  P.1-6  Second Term